Mango boy

Sweet as sin, as

Sensual as–

Sunday’s in a foreign movie

Naughty nectar,

Tangy taste

I wanna reach first base

Come on over, honey baby 

Lay with me like yesterday’s blues

I’ll forget to remember you if

You remember to forget me not

It is a bittersweet world, after all


It may be cliche,

But who knew it would come to

This, the one who got…

To crave intimacy

So profoundly

Makes your energy

So difficult to ignore;

Don’t get me wrong,

I am filled as full can get


If it was up to me

I wouldn’t mind

Knowing about you


It’s not that I wish

I were her, rather I wish

It just wasn’t you

Benefit of Doubt

What we ache to hear,

From the ones who claim to care

Sound like soothing music to the ear

Of the deaf man /

woman /




perhaps partially blind,

we filter their words of nothingness,

hoping maybe this time they will mean this:

paragraph / sentence / word / letter

of intent.


But in reality, we (should) know better.

Ah, how easy it is to

drown in one’s own




Tomorrow is another day.

Last first kiss

First salty–then,
I must admit,
It is quite the treat
To taste you(r lips);
Like the sea tastes the sand,
Constantly seducing
And wooing the grains,
Drowning them in it’s
Salty sensation.

What a pleasure it is,
To never crave for anyone
Else(‘s lips)
The way I do…you(rs)

First salty,
Then sweet.
I must admit:
You are quite a treat
Upon my eyes and
To belong to someone like you
Fills me with such
Like no other.

Pure Innocence

I see you and I
Want to hold your fragile hands
What is your name, love?