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Looking at you,

Looking at me

Brings us back to the

primitive days

does it not?

Good behaviour is

hardly ever praised, so

we must do as we wish, as

raw delight lingers

clouding the atmosphere

Looking at we, and

What we could be, so

Tell me:

Which is your choice of

instrument tonight?


play your rhythm

of seduction

We can’t deny the

law of attraction

Tomorrow is another day,

but tonight is now and you

say you want (to know) me

well, I want to

show you

Can’t you see?

there are memories

to be (pro)created and

between you & me,

there is much more than


to be made


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I burn for you when we touch

I am curious

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Beautiful boy,

You capture my attention

When god made you he was

Aiming for satisfaction

Pleasure is in your name,

I can tell because

I can taste it

I can taste you in the air

I’d take you to my lair,

If I could,

I would

But the question remains

if I should?

I wish to make a man

Out of you—I feel so

girlish, when I look at you

I am merely a

woman with a

crush on


Beautiful boy,

Why won’t you

Look my way?

Why don’t you

Wanna stay?

What’s the point if

You don’t wanna lay?

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He kissed my hand,
nodded & turned to leave, I
ran after him only to give him a peck on the cheek in return.
Our eyes met but no words were exchanged, unsure as of why I did that I began to grin with shyness; he looked at me and tipped my chin up as he leaned down to kiss me and
I let him,
enjoying every second of it.
“Take care, sweetheart. I’d love to see you again…soon.”
Those were the last things I remember him saying as he hurried off into the night, leaving me speechless & dazed

It is then that I realized that I had found someone new.

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