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Desire to go

Desire to be,

Good to you

Come, let’s go

We’ve got no place

To be, to see

Where the light takes us

Take us, mighty light

We follow blindly 

We follow with purpose, but

No justification will do

Only when and where there is

no doubt, shall we be able to

find each other,

within ourselves 

We can find each other

Again & again &

Get lost in the 

vast emptiness 

Of calamity.


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Your touch makes me

Feel so alive, much

More than I’ve felt

In quite a long time

You awaken a

Feeling within,

Rattling the bones

Of lust and desire and

The comfort of curiosity,

Like the cozy hold

You’ve got on me

Time is a fable but

With you, it is a ploy

It is our subject,

Our muse, our ruler

So let us subject it to

A moment of our


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I burn for you when we touch

I am curious

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Beautiful boy,

You capture my attention

When god made you he was

Aiming for satisfaction

Pleasure is in your name,

I can tell because

I can taste it

I can taste you in the air

I’d take you to my lair,

If I could,

I would

But the question remains

if I should?

I wish to make a man

Out of you—I feel so

girlish, when I look at you

I am merely a

woman with a

crush on


Beautiful boy,

Why won’t you

Look my way?

Why don’t you

Wanna stay?

What’s the point if

You don’t wanna lay?

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For you
I keep my legs apart and
my mouth wide open
Do with me as you please, for
you leave me slaving for your attention.

I can tell you’ve been waiting for this day, craving and longing to
have me in your arms,
In your bed.
Embrace your desires….
there is no room for feelings here,
lust is in the air

Your touch thrills me, your kisses kill me.
The way you run your fingers down my stomach and
onto my thighs….it’s the way you
look at me

Your gaze digs down within the depths of my soul and I’m almost scared to disappoint you when you realize how empty I am, but
you don’t seem to mind

You plant wet kisses down my neck as if to assure me not to worry.
“Everything will be fine, she doesn’t have to know…”
your dirty words make their way to the back of my head and
I allow them to sink in.

I’ve always been fond of men like you
the ones who are no good for me but
with a face like yours I just can’t resist…..

With a smile I stand up and
begin to,

Let me put on a show for ya’

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