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Desire to go, desire to be,

good to you and

fruitful for you


Let’s be, let’s see:

Where does the light takes us?

Come! Let’s go!

For we’ve got no place to be

We appear to follow blindly, but

We follow with purpose, yet

no justification will do, as

it is evidently true


Only when and where there is

no reasonable doubt,

shall we be able to find each other,

shall we be able to find ourselves.

Until then, we are lost

in the vast emptiness 

of calamity.


Desire to see, desire to be

understood with no falsehoods

so I take back what I said,




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What we ache to hear,

From the ones who claim to care

Sound like soothing music to the ear

Of the deaf man /

woman /




perhaps partially blind,

we filter their words of nothingness,

hoping maybe this time they will mean this:

paragraph / sentence / word / letter

of intent.


But in reality, we (should) know better.

Ah, how easy it is to

drown in one’s own




Tomorrow is another day.

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