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I’ve done some things I’m not proud of

My hands smell of shame, unworthiness

No matter how hard I wash and scrub away

It seems the stain is here to stay.


I’ve done some things I’m not fond of

The guilt lingers in my atmosphere daily,

As if to haunt me,

To mock me,

To take the blade and

Twist it.

I get it.


This is my own doing.


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No one to talk to, so
I write.
Spilling my feelings and emotions with ink on this paper, although
no one understands, or even comes close to
comprehending the problems that trouble me,
the worries which eat me up, and
the issues that gnaw the bits and pieces of,
my mind.
No one to talk to because frankly,
no one understands
Drowning in all the unanswered questions,
suffocating in the doubts, and
holding on to the lies.
Lies, that get me no where but back to step one.
Contradicting thoughts that keep me up at night.
Each and every thought building up on one another,
..ah, the life of an insomniac.
No one understands me, so
I write.

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