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I’m scared of what I feel

I dont want you to

have this hold on me

I just want to be free

I want to see you again

To say goodbye,

once & for all

No, it’s not fair

To deny,

No, it’s not fair

But we are not to be,


You show me a world

Beyond my imagination

Beyond my dreams

I want to know

I want to see

I want to be

Yours, again…


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I’d swallow my pride

Time & time..again

I’d swallow my pride,

among other things

Things I said I’d never do

Always end up happening

when I’m with you


Silly girl with your

Little girl blues,

Put on your shoes


March the walk of fame

or is it shame? 

The way your head lies low,

The way your words no longer flow

Your heart is the one to blame


Lessons learned mean

Bridges burned, but

It didn’t have to be

this way

For this way, it is

Because things that you said 

You would never say,

Ended up happening when

He looked your way 

It’s a number game but

things don’t always add up

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Sweet as sin, as

Sensual as–

Sunday’s in a foreign movie

Naughty nectar,

Tangy taste

I wanna reach first base

Come on over, honey baby 

Lay with me like yesterday’s blues

I’ll forget to remember you if

You remember to forget me not

It is a bittersweet world, after all

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To crave intimacy

So profoundly

Makes your energy

So difficult to ignore;

Don’t get me wrong,

I am filled as full can get


If it was up to me

I wouldn’t mind

Knowing about you

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Although the seasons are constantly changing,
the way I feel about you is a sure thing.
I am not here to make any promises but,
Know that just because the summer is coming to an end does not mean that I am through with you or with us.

This is not a love poem but merely a brief thank you note; For everything you have taught me and for all the lovely nights you’ve spent with me dreaming for better days. I know no matter where our dreaming minds takes us, you will always have a sheltered home in which you have burrowed into my heart.

Thank you for giving me hope,
teaching me how to love and reminding me that happiness comes from within–in order to be truly happy with anybody, you have to be happy with yourself first.

After all those wasted nights of shedding tears, I have finally found my happiness again…due to you.

A million thanks for all the adventures you have taken me on and no matter where in the world you travel, I’ll never be too far behind (in your heart &
in your mind)

Souls like yours are rare these days…
Embrace it, for
your existence is

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I long to keep you a happy man,
doing everything it takes to return the
timeless favors you have done for me.
The efforts from both ends make us
the perfect pair, and
the only irony is that the
rest of the world sees
otherwise. But
I don’t mind,
My illicit lover is all I care for

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This bed of mine is far too big for
my soul alone.
I long to share these sheets with you,
every night
Til the morning sun wakes us up with it’s vibrant smile transforming our moon light lust into a newly found love,
Like a rooster awaking the village with its empowering crow.

I want you, more
and more each day.
You teach me the basic essentials of
not only how to love, but
How to be a lover myself;
Something I’ve often struggled with but
was always far too selfish to seek help else where.

I’ve always had a preference of embracing solidity, never once have I ever considered changing my ways–(until you, of course)

As big as my soul is,
my pride is larger and
my ego is way too big to let someone
affect me at all–Or so I thought.

I want to embrace this change as
you have embraced me,
Numerous days and countless nights
I no longer fancy the thought of being alone when I have all this love in my heart to give
And you are willing to soak up every bit of me while taking the time to kiss every inch of me as well, caressing my body into your arms…making my soul feel warm,
welcomed and
at home.

As selfish as I can be,
there are some exceptions and
you just happen to be one of them.
Let me have you to myself,
Even if it is only one night and
I will show you just how much of a lover
I have become.

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