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He calls me honey,

The way he likes it in

His tea, so so sweet


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Desire to go

Desire to be,

Good to you

Come, let’s go

We’ve got no place

To be, to see

Where the light takes us

Take us, mighty light

We follow blindly 

We follow with purpose, but

No justification will do

Only when and where there is

no doubt, shall we be able to

find each other,

within ourselves 

We can find each other

Again & again &

Get lost in the 

vast emptiness 

Of calamity.

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I’ve done some things I’m not proud of

My hands smell of shame, unworthiness

No matter how hard I wash and scrub away

It seems the stain is here to stay

I’ve done some things I’m not fond of

The guilt lingers in my atmosphere daily,

As if to haunt me

To mock me,

To take the blade and

Twist it.

I get it.

This is my own doing.

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Your touch makes me

Feel so alive, much

More than I’ve felt

In quite a long time

You awaken a

Feeling within,

Rattling the bones

Of lust and desire and

The comfort of curiosity,

Like the cozy hold

You’ve got on me

Time is a fable but

With you, it is a ploy

It is our subject,

Our muse, our ruler

So let us subject it to

A moment of our


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Looking at you,

Looking at me

Brings us back to the

primitive days

does it not?

Good behaviour is

hardly ever praised, so

we must do as we wish, as

raw delight lingers

clouding the atmosphere

Looking at we, and

What we could be, so

Tell me:

Which is your choice of

instrument tonight?


play your rhythm

of seduction

We can’t deny the

law of attraction

Tomorrow is another day,

but tonight is now and you

say you want (to know) me

well, I want to

show you

Can’t you see?

there are memories

to be (pro)created and

between you & me,

there is much more than


to be made

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I burn for you when we touch

I am curious

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I’d swallow my pride

Time & time..again

I’d swallow my pride,

among other things

Things I said I’d never do

Always end up happening

when I’m with you


Silly girl with your

Little girl blues,

Put on your shoes


March the walk of fame

or is it shame? 

The way your head lies low,

The way your words no longer flow

Your heart is the one to blame


Lessons learned mean

Bridges burned, but

It didn’t have to be

this way

For this way, it is

Because things that you said 

You would never say,

Ended up happening when

He looked your way 

It’s a number game but

things don’t always add up

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