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Your touch makes me

Feel so alive, much

More than I’ve felt

In quite a long time

You awaken a

Feeling within,

Rattling the bones

Of lust and desire and

The comfort of curiosity,

Like the cozy hold

You’ve got on me

Time is a fable but

With you, it is a ploy

It is our subject,

Our muse, our ruler

So let us subject it to

A moment of our



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Beautiful boy,

You capture my attention

When god made you he was

Aiming for satisfaction

Pleasure is in your name,

I can tell because

I can taste it

I can taste you in the air

I’d take you to my lair,

If I could,

I would

But the question remains

if I should?

I wish to make a man

Out of you—I feel so

girlish, when I look at you

I am merely a

woman with a

crush on


Beautiful boy,

Why won’t you

Look my way?

Why don’t you

Wanna stay?

What’s the point if

You don’t wanna lay?

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Sweet as sin, as

Sensual as–

Sunday’s in a foreign movie

Naughty nectar,

Tangy taste

I wanna reach first base

Come on over, honey baby 

Lay with me like yesterday’s blues

I’ll forget to remember you if

You remember to forget me not

It is a bittersweet world, after all

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It begins with a capital L–
As in lust, lonely, lovely, lost.
It’s mysterious on its own,
The way it can silently creep up on you without you realizing, and
Then vanish,
to be never seen again.

It ends with an “e”,
As in ego, envy, energy…ecstasy
The way it thrills you,
Teases you, then
Leaves you unsatisfied,
Causing you to crave
The touch, the taste of your
Lover’s lips for the first time

How can I resist (you)
I don’t want to beg, but
If it’s the only way I can get you to stay I will get on my knees and
Kiss and worship your feet
I’d go the extra mile because
You’re worth it,

A word used too quickly,
Too soon.
Losing it’s meaning within context,
And we wonder why it deserts us so often;
All I can say is,
Do not dare love me if you do not plan on doing so honestly &

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This bed of mine is far too big for
my soul alone.
I long to share these sheets with you,
every night
Til the morning sun wakes us up with it’s vibrant smile transforming our moon light lust into a newly found love,
Like a rooster awaking the village with its empowering crow.

I want you, more
and more each day.
You teach me the basic essentials of
not only how to love, but
How to be a lover myself;
Something I’ve often struggled with but
was always far too selfish to seek help else where.

I’ve always had a preference of embracing solidity, never once have I ever considered changing my ways–(until you, of course)

As big as my soul is,
my pride is larger and
my ego is way too big to let someone
affect me at all–Or so I thought.

I want to embrace this change as
you have embraced me,
Numerous days and countless nights
I no longer fancy the thought of being alone when I have all this love in my heart to give
And you are willing to soak up every bit of me while taking the time to kiss every inch of me as well, caressing my body into your arms…making my soul feel warm,
welcomed and
at home.

As selfish as I can be,
there are some exceptions and
you just happen to be one of them.
Let me have you to myself,
Even if it is only one night and
I will show you just how much of a lover
I have become.

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“How can you ignore our attraction?”
She whispered seductively into my ear sending shivers running up & down my spine…she knew what she wanted & exactly what she had to do to get it.
I let her get comfortable with my body, allowing her to do as she pleased and she let me fulfill my fantasy.
A part of me knew better, but I couldn’t resist the temptation…the look in her eyes made me melt instantly in her hands.
She smiled & I couldn’t help but to grin back. She brought out the little devil in me, but I had nothing to complain about.

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I think It’s crazy how your,
smile makes me lose composure.
Your voice is my biggest weakness, and
I can never find the words profound enough to portray these feelings that tend to arise every time I hear your name.
It’s just not fair, the way you
make me want you a bit more than I should. Leaving me constantly catching myself daydreaming about the idea of…us.
You’ve left me wondering what may become of us, for this chemistry we share surpasses any history I’ve had with anyone else and
there’s no one else I can see myself with as of, now.

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