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Looking at you,

Looking at me

Brings us back to the

primitive days

does it not?

Good behaviour is

hardly ever praised, so

we must do as we wish, as

raw delight lingers

clouding the atmosphere

Looking at we, and

What we could be, so

Tell me:

Which is your choice of

instrument tonight?


play your rhythm

of seduction

We can’t deny the

law of attraction

Tomorrow is another day,

but tonight is now and you

say you want (to know) me

well, I want to

show you

Can’t you see?

there are memories

to be (pro)created and

between you & me,

there is much more than


to be made


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Hip-Hop & Jazz go hand in hand together like you & I….Complementing each other at ease, allowing both to come together as one. Embracing the differences, adding on to the similarities…The soft flowing sound of Jazz compared to the deep booming bass of Ms Hip hop, echoing through your mind as you nod your head to the rhythm of the beat accompanied by the Jazzy instrumentals equating to the perfect combination….like you & I; Enjoying each others’ presence like good music…..Won’t you come & vibe with me?

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