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I burn for you when we touch

I am curious

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Sweet as sin, as

Sensual as–

Sunday’s in a foreign movie

Naughty nectar,

Tangy taste

I wanna reach first base

Come on over, honey baby 

Lay with me like yesterday’s blues

I’ll forget to remember you if

You remember to forget me not

It is a bittersweet world, after all

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It may be cliche,

But who knew it would come to

This, the one who got…

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The words we ache to hear,
From the ones who claim to care,
Sound like music to the ear
Of the dead man,

We filter their words of nothingness
hoping that if we wish hard enough
then maybe,
they would really mean a:

But in reality,
We (should) know better.

How does one allow themselves to drown in naiveness
without regards to their conscience?

Tomorrow is another day.

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Because he is my sun and
I am the moon.
Reflecting only the purest of lights even when
The night sky tries to drown me within
its endless sea of stars,
blooming and
Although at times I feel lost within my own atmosphere and
the wind begins to blow me away from home, I know that
He will always be right there when I wake up in the morning…
Kissing my lips gently,
With the same pure light as the sun itself;
Smiling over me,
Allowing his brightness to
Fill my heart with warmth once again…
My sunshine.

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4:11 am

Being alone isn’t so bad. It has its perks, I’m sure.
You just have to go about discovering them and enjoying the company of yourself. Make some jokes, crack yourself up…compliment yourself, be happy and satisfied with yourself. Looking for these qualities in others will never amount to the satisfaction you can provide to yourself.

Being alone isn’t so bad, or
at least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself to think.
But when you’ve been alone for so long,
something is always trying to consume you….

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I wept a thousand tears of defeat.
I cried and cried….through the night, hours went by and my soul poured out with such ease as if someone had poked a hole into my heart allowing all my sorrows to fall through.
It felt like the caged bird not only sang, but danced as well; tip toed through my mind and as soon as my guard was let down began with a start in hopes of escape….and succeeded.
I let go.
Everything and anything I feared to lose, was gone.
I was no longer afraid…for
I was free.
The tears stopped…the darkness of night began to slowly vanish. The sun lingered along the horizon as if to tease me at first, before revealing its vibrant existence. There was a light feeling in my chest, I took in a deep breath and sighed. I could no longer cry for I had nothing to cry about.
For so long I thought crying signified weakness but
I have come to realize that in the right predicament it simply highlights courageousness,
The sun relaxed high and bright in the sky,
matching the feeling I began to feel within.
A strange feeling of Deja vu flew by as the wind pranced around with joy.
The birds chirped, children laughed and
darkness hid.
I was happy,
at last.

This is a poem about self liberation, take it how you want it.

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