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There’s still us, darlin’

not in reality but

in my dreams of you


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Your touch makes me

Feel so alive, much

More than I’ve felt

In quite a long time

You awaken a

Feeling within,

Rattling the bones

Of lust and desire and

The comfort of curiosity,

Like the cozy hold

You’ve got on me

Time is a fable but

With you, it is a ploy

It is our subject,

Our muse, our ruler

So let us subject it to

A moment of our


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Mysterious mistress

You found me when I found you

You said you liked the before,

but loved the after–

the creature that lived,

the creature that died

for us

The devil,

she dances on our shoulders and

unites us with our inner burning fire

The fire who’s flame first lit up—

the darkness within you,

the darkness within me

Naked, nude, natural, naughty

We’ve always been honest and true

Yet nothing compares to our touch,

Always purifying, never dying

In this world,

there are no winners

only sinners

And when the world ends, 

I’m glad it will be you by my side

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Everything happens for a reason.

Winter will come as often as summer leaves.
What must be, will be…
If tomorrow morning you wake up and realize I’m no longer by your side, understand it’s for the best.
A spring fling turned into a summer romance…but as the season changed,
so did the feelings.
The vivid color of the leaves disappeared as the temperature got colder.
Your smile was gone with the wind, as winter came closer…
The truth we’ve been trying to avoid for so long surfaced, and
I realized,
We grew apart,
& the one thing left to return is your heart…
I’m no good for you, you see.
You would be way happier without me.

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