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I’ve done some things I’m not proud of

My hands smell of shame, unworthiness

No matter how hard I wash and scrub away

It seems the stain is here to stay.


I’ve done some things I’m not fond of

The guilt lingers in my atmosphere daily,

As if to haunt me,

To mock me,

To take the blade and

Twist it.

I get it.


This is my own doing.


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It may be cliche,

But who knew it would come to

This, the one who got…

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December brings a winter so cold,
Hibernation begins..animals go
into hiding, and apparently
so does my heart.
I wish I could apologize for
feeling this way but,
it is something I must do.
And so the snow will come wether you like it or not; but I must warn you….prepare yourself for it shall be a long winter without my warmth.

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He told me he gets lonely when I’m not around, I
didn’t know what to tell him seeing as though he was the one that always left.
I took his hand and brought him home, showed him around & allowed him to get comfortable hoping this time he’d stay, but
by morning he was gone again.
Breakfast was made, the plants had been watered…I opened the windows only to find a note nearby that said nothing more but “I’m sorry..”
No surprise here.
I was unable to understand why I was such a fool for him, to the point in which I had to question if I was being head strong or just plain stubborn.

Perhaps it was finally time to let go…

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On Sundays I think of you.
Cotton sundresses and flattering bow-ties,
A single rose in your hand, petals float in the wind…free falling.
Your laughter makes the birds filled with joy, calling…out
To the rest of the world to join you in your happiness.

On Sundays I think of you.
Sugar cubes and green tea.
12:47pm, outside on the porch watching the day go by with not a single thing in mind, or
So it seemed.

On Sundays I think of you.
Bicycles and forbidden paths,
..one wrong turn and within a single blink of an eye, you
Now the rest of the week seems so dull without your uplifting presence to remind me of what it means to be “happy.”

On Sundays…I,
think of you.

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