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Looking at you,

Looking at me

Brings us back to the

primitive days

does it not?

Good behaviour is

hardly ever praised, so

we must do as we wish, as

raw delight lingers

clouding the atmosphere

Looking at we, and

What we could be, so

Tell me:

Which is your choice of

instrument tonight?


play your rhythm

of seduction

We can’t deny the

law of attraction

Tomorrow is another day,

but tonight is now and you

say you want (to know) me

well, I want to

show you

Can’t you see?

there are memories

to be (pro)created and

between you & me,

there is much more than


to be made


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Mysterious mistress

You found me when I found you

You said you liked the before,

but loved the after–

the creature that lived,

the creature that died

for us

The devil,

she dances on our shoulders and

unites us with our inner burning fire

The fire who’s flame first lit up—

the darkness within you,

the darkness within me

Naked, nude, natural, naughty

We’ve always been honest and true

Yet nothing compares to our touch,

Always purifying, never dying

In this world,

there are no winners

only sinners

And when the world ends, 

I’m glad it will be you by my side

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Sweet as sin, as

Sensual as–

Sunday’s in a foreign movie

Naughty nectar,

Tangy taste

I wanna reach first base

Come on over, honey baby 

Lay with me like yesterday’s blues

I’ll forget to remember you if

You remember to forget me not

It is a bittersweet world, after all

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First salty–then,
I must admit,
It is quite the treat
To taste you(r lips);
Like the sea tastes the sand,
Constantly seducing
And wooing the grains,
Drowning them in it’s
Salty sensation.

What a pleasure it is,
To never crave for anyone
Else(‘s lips)
The way I do…you(rs)

First salty,
Then sweet.
I must admit:
You are quite a treat
Upon my eyes and
To belong to someone like you
Fills me with such
Like no other.

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I’m a slave to temptation, but
I can’t help it. It’s the thrill,
It does something to me, it
Causes my bones to rattle,
My veins to swell,
My lips to crave,
My toes to curl…I just
Can not resist. Well,
I no longer want to.
I simply embrace it as
you once used to embrace me.

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“How can you ignore our attraction?”
She whispered seductively into my ear sending shivers running up & down my spine…she knew what she wanted & exactly what she had to do to get it.
I let her get comfortable with my body, allowing her to do as she pleased and she let me fulfill my fantasy.
A part of me knew better, but I couldn’t resist the temptation…the look in her eyes made me melt instantly in her hands.
She smiled & I couldn’t help but to grin back. She brought out the little devil in me, but I had nothing to complain about.

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