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Your touch makes me

Feel so alive, much

More than I’ve felt

In quite a long time

You awaken a

Feeling within,

Rattling the bones

Of lust and desire and

The comfort of curiosity,

Like the cozy hold

You’ve got on me

Time is a fable but

With you, it is a ploy

It is our subject,

Our muse, our ruler

So let us subject it to

A moment of our



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I miss you when
you’re not around
I’d like to kiss you and
make no sound,
your laughter is my favorite melody and to be
without you should be a felony.
If only you knew how long
I’ve waited to encounter someone
like you…then maybe you
could understand that my love is blatantly true.
I guess,
good things really do come to
those who wait.

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